Friday, 24. March, 2017

Buyback result of nominal bonds RIKH 18 1009

Today at 11:00 pm, Government Debt Management did buy back Treasury Bonds in the series RIKH 18 1009. The auction was structured as a multiple-price auction, i.e. accepted bids were according to the price submitted. 

The main results of the auction were: 

RIKH 18 1009:

Number of bids in this series were 6, amounting to 26,000 nominal value.
5 bids were accepted for 10,000 nominal value.
Price allocated from 99.980 to 99.990

Wednesday, 22. March, 2017

Buyback of Treasury bonds RIKH 18 1009

Government Debt Management has decided not to hold an auction of Treasury bonds on Friday 24 March 2017.  Instead Government Debt Management will offer to buy back bonds using an auction format. The Treasury offers to buy back nominal bonds in series RIKH 18 1009, which matures on 9 October 2018. The purpose of the buyback is, to reduce the size of the series which is currently 172, and thereby reduce the Treasury’s refinancing risk at maturity. 

The total amount of accepted bids may range up to 10,000  The results will be announced at the end of the buyback. 

Press release (pdf)
Terms of buyback (pdf) 

Friday, 17. March, 2017

Republic of Iceland Ratings Raised To 'A/A-1' ; Outlook Stab

• We believe that the recent lifting of most of the remaining capital controls and
the conclusion of an agreement with the owners of offshore krona assets strengthen
Iceland's external profile.
• We are therefore raising our long- and short-term ratings on Iceland to 'A/A-1'
from 'A-/A-2'.
• The stable outlook reflects our view that the potential for improvements in
Iceland's public finances is balanced by the risk of the domestic economy
overheating over the next two years.

S&P´s report

Yield Curve

RIKV 17 0418 99.566.36%
RIKV 17 051599.195.65%
RIKV 17 071798.345.30%
RIKV 17 081597.955.23%
RIKB 19 0226106.884.92%
RIKB 20 0205103.255.00%
RIKB 22 1026110.725.00%
RIKB 25 0612119.834.99%
RIKB 28 1115 99.925.00%
RIKB 31 0124114.455.02%
RIKS 21 0414103.402.90%
RIKS 30 0701108.502.49%


Current Value439.60
12 Months Change*1.95%
3 Months Change*1.10%
Last Month Change0.71%
Daily CPI439.60

* Annualized rates


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Sunday, 26. March, 2017

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