Credit Rating

A professional and independant view on credit ratings of firms and official entities are of great importance in international financial markets. Such a credit rating done by accepted rating-firms makes borrowing easier, more efficient and will benefit the borrower in paying interest rates suitable to the credit rating.

Three credit rating companies give the Icelandic government a credit rating, both as a borrower abroad and domestically. These firms are Moody´s Investor Service, Standard & Poor´s and Fitch.
   Foreign currency  Domestic currency  
   Confirm  Long-Term  Short-Term  Long-Term  Short-Term  Outlook
 Moody's  Aug. '21  A2  A2    Stable
 S&P  May '21  A  A-1  A  A-1  Stable
 Fitch  Mar. '21  A  F1+  A  F1+  Negative

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To aquire the press releases of the rating agencies in Iceland please see the homepage of Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.