About Nominal Treasury Bonds
Nominal Treasury Bonds are coupon or zero coupon, none-indexed securities issued by the Government Debt Management on behalf of the Republic of Iceland.

The Bonds are exempt from stamp duty.

Listed below are issues of Nominal Treasury Bonds listed on the NASDAQ Iceland hf.
Series Maturity  
RIKB 19 0226 Maturing February 26th  2019
RIKB 20 0205 Maturing February 5th  2020
RIKB 22 1026 Maturing October 26th  2022
RIKB 25 0612 Maturing June 12th  2025
RIKB 28 1115 Maturing November 15th  2028
RIKB 31 0124 Maturing January 24th  2031      
RIKH 18 1009 Maturing October 9th 2018

Calculation of Nominal Treasury Bonds (coupon)