Bond price for foreign exchange auction

According to an announcement published by the Central Bank of Iceland on 10 October 2012 regarding the Central Bank of Iceland foreign currency auction to be held on 7 November 2012, the Terms of Auction stated that the swap rate for the Bank’s purchase of foreign currency in connection with the sale of Treasury bonds in the series RIKS 33 0321 would be published at the close of business on 5 November 2012.


It has been decided that the number of Treasury bond units per euro shall be based on the auction price and the fixed price of the Treasury bonds, which is 110.304069 kr. per Treasury bond unit with accrued interest and indexation (dirty price), assuming a settlement date of 12 November 2012 (yield 2.65%).1

The formula is as follows: Swap rate = auction price/(bond price/100).

1 Clean price of 105.5.

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Treasury bond auctions cancelled

The Treasury has issued government bonds for 44.2 b.kr. in 2024, only 0.8 b.kr. short of the target for Q1. In light of that, it has been decided to cancel the last three Treasury bond auctions that were scheduled in Q1/2024.

Feb 15 2024
Treasury Bills
Treasury Bill Auction Announcement - RIKV 24 0515 - RIKV 24 0821
Series RIKV 24 0515 RIKV 24 0821
ISIN IS0000035699 IS0000036069
Maturity Date 05/15/2024 08/21/2024
Auction Date 02/19/2024 02/19/2024
Settlement Date 02/21/2024 02/21/2024

On the Auction Date, between 10:30 am and 11:00 am, the Government Debt Management will auction Treasury bills in the Series, with the ISIN numbers and with the Maturity Dates according to the table above. Payments for the Treasury bills must be received by the Central Bank before 14:00 on the Settlement Date and the Bills will be delivered in electronic form on the same day.

Further reference is made to the General Terms of Icelandic Treasury bills and General Terms of Auction for Treasury bills on the Government Debt Management website.

For additional information please contact Tryggvi Freyr Harðarson, Government Debt Management, at +354 569 9630.

Feb 14 2024
GDM Strategy
Revised Quarterly GDM Prospect for Q1 2024

In the last quarterly Government Debt Management Prospect, published at the end of 2023, it was announced that a new nominal Treasury bond maturing in 2027 would be issued in Q1/2024. It was also announced that the Treasury would sell benchmark bonds for 30-45 b.kr. market value.

 Thus far in 2024, the Treasury has issued bonds for 44.2 b.kr., leaving only 0.8 b.kr. to issue in order to meet the quarterly target. In view of the Treasury’s success in obtaining financing in the domestic market, it has been decided to postpone the issue of the new benchmark series until Q2/2024.